A downloadable game for Windows

FRANKENSHIP is a fast-paced space shooter where two players fight to the finish with ships built by their opponents.


Players begin the game by capturing loot crates filled with components for their ships in the Collection Phase. The game then transitions into the Build Phase, where each player will assemble their opponent's ship using the parts provided. The game concludes in the Battle Phase, where players use their clumsy, clunky, substandard ships against one another in a goofy and action-packed battle.

Players are forced to find a new strategy every single game.

May the best pilot win!


  • Local Multiplayer: Frankenship has local multiplayer so that you can play with your friends in the same room!
  • Ship Creation: The biggest feature of Frankenship is the fact that you build wonky looking ships for your opponent to try and fly around and then try and win with what might be considered some of the worst ships in video games ever!


Combat is very simple and straight-forward. All guns fire automatically while in the battle phase. So the game focuses on ship movement and understanding of each gun and how they fire. You also have a skillshot that you can aim and shoot at your leisure.

Powerups are also in the game that allow for interesting game play. There are many kinds of powerups in the game such as speed boost, rapid fire, slime, mine deploy, and many more!


Frankenship has launched worldwide for PC and is available as a free download on itch.io!

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::Frankenship is played with two Xbox controllers, whether Spectra's, 360's, or any combination::

  • Left analog stick: move forward/backward
  • Right analog stick: turn left/right
  • Start: Pause
  • A: Select
  • X: Activate powerup
  • Left trigger: Grab crate/Activate skillshot
  • Right trigger: Charge and fire crate/Fire skillshot


Frankenship.zip 391 MB